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LZR1 Core High-Performance Lossless Compression Core

General Description

Lossless data compression is a class of data compression algorithms that allows the exact original data to be reconstructed from the compressed data. Lossless compression is used when it is important that the original and the decompressed data be identical, or when no assumption can be made on whether certain deviation is uncritical. Typical applications include data storage and transmission.
LZR1 implements the lossless compression algorithm on short units of data (“frames”). The core supports frame sizes up to 4096 bytes.
The design is fully synchronous and available in multiple configurations varying in bus widths and throughput.
LZR1-6 can easily deliver 10 Gbps of throughput in both FPGA and ASIC implementations. The compression ratio greatly depends on the data and somewhat depends on the frames size; on typical file corpuses varies between 1.5 and 2.

Key Features

Each frame is compressed and decompressed independently
High throughput: LZR1 easily scales to 10 Gbps in FPGA
Compatibility with public-domain LZ software implementations allows for interoperability
Support for compression and decompression in a single core; dedicates compression and decompression versions are available
Back-to-back compression with no gaps between the frames
High-performance solid-state storage
Disk and tape storage systems
Networking, including cellular backhaul
Pin Description
CLK Input   Core clock signal
RESET Input   HIGH level synchronously resets the core
CEN Input   Clock enable, bringing this input low pauses the core
MODE Input   LOW level for compression, HIGH for decompression operation
FRAME_START Input   Indicates the start of the new frame
D[] Input   Input data bus
LEN_IN[] Input   Input data length in bytes
VALID_IN Input   HIGH if the FRAME_START begins the new frame to compress/decompress
Q[] Input   Output data bus
LEN_OUT[] Input   Output data length in bytes
VALID_OUT Output   OHIGH indicates a valid frame on the output
COMPRESSED Output   HIGH indicates that the compression was successful
Function Description

The core implements lossless compression and decompression of short (up to 4096 bytes) frames of data. If the compression fails to produce a shorter result, the core copies the input frame to output and indicates the uncompressed status via a dedicated pin.
On the Calgary corpus with the 4096-byte block the core exhibits the following performance:
bib 1.56(64.22%) paper3 1.49(66.93%)
book1 1.39(71.97%) paper4 1.54(64.83%)
book2 1.58(63.10%) paper5 1.59(62.97%)
geo 1.13(88.52%) paper6 1.64(60.88%)
news 1.51(66.05%) pic 4.08(24.52%)
obj1 1.60(62.70%) progc 1.74(57.59%)
obj2 1.83(54.53%) progl 2.13(46.84%)
paper1 1.61(62.02%) progp 2.13(47.00%)
paper2 1.54(65.11%) trans 1.93(51.73%)
Synthesis Results

Configuration with 4096 bytes block in Virtex 5

  10 Gbps @ 156 MHz
Compression/Decompression switchable Slices 36 Kbit
2200 36

Configuration with 4096 bytes block in TSMC 65 nm G+ process

  6 Gbps @ 250 MHz 6.4 Gbps @ 200 MHz
Gates Memory Gates Memory
1K x 32
4K x 12
1K x 32
4K x 12
Compression only 35K 10 5 42K 12 6
Decompression only 30K 10 - 36K 12 -
Compression/Decompression switchable 45K 10 5 54K 12 6

HDL Source Licenses

Synthesizable Verilog RTL source code
Test bench (self-checking)
vectors for testbenches
Expected results
User Documentation
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